Water filtration systems

KurLine F series

Iron and manganese compounds in the water cause reddish-brown staining of the plumbing equipment, porcelain, dishes and reduce the quality of textile washing and dyeing. Excessive levels of iron and manganese can be treated through a process known as oxidation, which is then followed by filtration. An oxidizing agent such as chlorine or potassium permanganate is used to oxidize the iron or manganese to an insoluble form, which can then be filtered through a special media bed. The filter media bed must be backwashed and the oxidizing agent must be replenished regularly. These systems are generally large and designed to treat water for the whole house; they can also be used to treat hydrogen sulfide.

Air injection oxidizing filter system

Iron removal system with potassium permanganate

Iron removal system with dosing potassium permanganate

 Mechanical water filter system with sand filter

Activated carbon water filter

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