JSC “Kurantas” specializes in the chemical treatment of water for household and industrial purposes. We provide all the necessary services, including the different technical solutions, consultations, technical information as well as the delivery of our products.

We aim at the cooperation with the companies of various industry sectors. Our activity is focused on the customer needs. JSC “Kurantas” offers a wide range of the household and industrial water treatment equipment as well as the chemical substances: raw materials, additional and subsidiary substances for the special purposes of different industry sectors. The additional and chemical substances are made in the leading plants worldwide, mainly in the Central and Eastern Europe. The made substances are of a very high quality and they can be relied on in every stage of production process. Most of the substances are products of the brands well-known worldwide. The properly chosen chemical substances and equipment influence directly the process of production.

Quality management system according to the requirements of  ISO 9001 : 2015 standard was implemented in 2018.

We received a positive assessment by the credit risk management company UAB Creditinfo Lithuania 2013 and received their offer to acquire this certification, indicating a high credit rating of our enterprise „Strongest in Lithuania 2013“